Our Rx Advocacy Program differs from our Discount Card in that you will need to fill out an eligibility form and you may qualify for no or low cost brand name drugs.

"I saved over $1600 a month on my diabetes prescriptions. You guys are angels!"

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FREE Prescription Cost Analysis

You may be eligible to receive virtually any brand name drug at low or no cost through our Rx Advocacy Program. This program saves many patients hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month. This is a special program that requires you to complete an eligibility form. Most people qualify for this program, so we encourage you to take a minute and complete the form. You will get a free prescription cost analysis and quote so you can see exactly how much you will save. If you qualify, you can join the program for a nominal fee ($50 a month) and your medications will be significantly lower than what you pay now or in many cases, covered at no charge. You have no obligation to use this service, but it is offered as a way to help you afford the high cost brand medications that you need.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us! We are committed to, and deeply respect, your privacy. LowestMed does not collect, sell or distribute any of your information for marketing purposes. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at 855-569-6337.