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Every year, while filling out our brackets, Americans engage in the epic search to figure out who is going to be this year’s bracket buster. But no matter how many games we watch, stats we compare or how lucky our coin flips are, it seems our brackets fall short every year. The madness of March isn’t much different from that of the medication world. With so many different medications, pharmacies and the constantly rising prescription prices, it often feels like we have a better chance of filling out a perfect bracket than we do figuring out the medication world. Luckily, LowestMed provides a solution. While there are no guarantees in your team winning in March Madness, LowestMed is a sure bet amongst the medication madness and here’s why.

1. They have a high scoring offense

It goes without saying that to win you’re going to have to score more than the opposing team. LowestMed’s free prescription discount cards are constantly helping customers score serious savings on their medication costs. The cards can be used by those with or without insurance and LowestMed’s discounted prices can often be lower than health insurance discounted prices.

2. Their defense creates steals

Defense wins championships and good defenses create turnovers (or steals in our case). LowestMed offers a prescription price comparison tool that allows users to compare prescription costs across multiple nearby pharmacies. The comparison tool constantly helps users find prices so low that it feels like a steal.

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3. They get offensive rebounds

First, let’s define what we mean by an offensive rebound. Getting an offensive rebound means getting the chance to stay on offense without having to play defense, essentially a free possession. LowestMed is a free service. There is no annual or monthly fee and no fee when you use the service, no matter how many times it’s used. It’s like unlimited offensive rebounds.

4. They have a winning record

Whenever teams are being sized up, people want to know about their record. LowestMed has quite the impressive record. They continually provide lower and more accurate prices than any other discount card. But the winning doesn’t stop there – LowestMed’s savings are often greater than the savings provided through health insurance.

5. They can win on the road

During March Madness, teams are almost never playing at home, in fact they are often playing across the country. With no home court advantage, winning on the road becomes essential to winning it all. With LowestMed’s mobile app you can always win on the road. The app gives you constant access to LowestMed’s prescription price comparison tool, allows you to save medication searches and even offers a tutorial video on how LowestMed works.

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