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LowestMed Reviews

Read what people are saying about LowestMed. These reviews are pulled from LowestMed’s listing on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Some of the reviews published are from savings stories submitted through LowestMed.com.

I was standing at the Walmart pharmacy pickup window about to pay $12 a pill for a pill I’m required to take three times a day, and right before I paid, I pulled this app up and it gave me a discount of almost $10 per pill. PER PILL!!! I’m 10000% satisfied with this app and will use it every time I need to refill my scrip. Thanks!!!

Tyler D., App Users

I save hundreds of dollars a month on prescriptions because of this app. Thank you thank you!

Karen O., App Users

Better than good rx

Anthony E., App User

The prices on some of my meds were lower than they were on GoodRx

Rodney W., App Users

Too good to be true I thought! I’m a believer now!

Lost Medicaid due to $230 increase in pay. One of my meds was going to cost $232. And the other $195. at WallGns….with this the one is $13.66 and the other is $11. I am so grateful! Thank you

Astockfo, App Users

Better than any other Discount Card

I was about to fill a prescription at my pharmacy and it was going to come out to $60. That was with a GoodRX card. With this app I was able to get it down to $30. Just amazing.

DeezyPeezy6, App Users

I saved $39 on my first prescription, far less than my insurance price. I thought it was too good to be true, but not so! I will definitely use this app to check for best prices on all my scripts going forward.

Celpster, iOS App User

This app/program save me over $100 on my first use. Even the pharmacist was shocked. Will be using this whenever necessary

Vetman78, iOS App User

This app has helped me save almost 50% of the cost of my prescriptions. I don’t have insurance and so it has made my prescriptions actually affordable. I am so grateful.

Saraxi, iOS App User

Cheaper than goodrx

Amanda S., App User

So far has saved me over $200 dollars. And that was in just one day of use.

Patch M., App User

I just lost my job and insurance along with it. I have been fretting over the cost of my meds. Not anymore! I’ll take 30 bucks over 140 bucks any day.

Terri J., App User

Saving more than Good rx

Samantha R., App Users

Love this app

A lot of meds are so much cheaper on this compared to GoodRx

Tammyw31, App User

OptumRx didn’t cover a med without a prior authorization so Rite Aid cost was to be $70+ for 30 days (generic). Another provider told me she spent 40 minutes on the phone with OptumRx getting them to act on a previous Prior Authorization. I downloaded the LowestMed app and phoned the same Rite Aid with my LowestMed prescription card and saved $60!

Mattdad1, iOS App User

As a doctor myself, this app has helped my family and my patients save a lot on medications.

dmcranney, iOS App User

Sitting at pharmacy and they told us the price for the 3 medication was $128. Looked up this app and only paid $64 for the same medication! Recommend this app to anyone. Our insurance don’t kick in for 3 days so had to get the antibiotics on a budget and this app help us save 50%! All I can say is USE THIS APP!

Medic6930, iOS App User

This is my first review ever for an app, but it is so worth it!!! Don’t think and just download it.

Olivier, NY, iOS App User

I no longer have insurance and at CVS pharmacy my med would of been $90. Fortunately I have the option to buy over the counter but it’s not as effective. So with this app I can now get it for $13 at another pharmacy, until my refills run out that is.

Beth2113, iOS App User

I have only been using LowestMed for a few days. I have saved in the short time of use. I’m impressed. Just compared prices of my monthly medications using LowestMed and Blink in a common med. LowestMed was $12 less than Blink. I’m impressed.

Pink*66, iOS App User

The prices on many of my meds are half the price of my co-pay! I save $7 on average for each prescription. That adds up every month. While $7 may not seem like much, over a year I save $84 on just one and for myself, it adds up to several hundred dollars per year!

Xxcrash21xx, iOS App User

This app is so easy to use and saves me money. It is easy to find the least expensive pharmacy and save money.

AK Dal Gal, iOS App User

You guys are phenomenal, not exaggerating! I don’t know how you filled my RX for a fraction of the retail. You have a new repeat customer. Have a great day!!

John B., LowestMed User

I’m so happy I found this app. We’ll save more than $600 over what we managed to save last month on the more popular discount plans. And most pharmacies use them too, which is a huge perk!! Thank y’all for the awesome savings!!!

Beverly T., Android App User

LowestMed is a life saving app, especially due to the increases in medications prices that occur on a monthly basis. Best part of the app is how easy it is to use. ????

Anna M., Android App User

I lost my insurance, a friend told me of this app and one of my prescriptions is almost $1,200 a month and with this app made it $147ish, really was a life saver.

Kevin D., Android App User

We get fantastic prices, using LowestMed. Picked up three prescriptions today. One would have been $90, but it came out to be $23.

Lana R., LowestMed User

Best app for saving money on your medications!!

Mark T., Android User

Saved me a ton of money! Cut my prescription prices by 1/4!!!

Kyle, Android User

Saves me lots of money every month

Porter E., Android User

Definitely the cheapest!

Linda F., Android User

We’ve saved a bunch.

I’ve been using the LowestMed app for a while now, for any prescription for my hubby and me. On three medications, we’ve saved a bunch.

Beth E., LowestMed User

Saved almost $200

At one point, when we picked up a few prescriptions, the clerk said we saved almost $200. We have switched our prescription from Target/CVS to Walmart, since they seem to have overall best prices. Our last prescriptions would have been cheaper at Target, but overall, we feel Walmart is best. Hope you continue with your great coupons.

Lana R., LowestMed User

Saved over $400

My insurance dropped my arthritis medicine. Went to Walmart and got my medicine for $114. Saved over $400.

Joy A., LowestMed User

Thank you for your service!

I transitioned to a new company and my new health care program did not cover pre-existing conditions. My wife has a topical ointment prescription that we found out cost $199 to fill. I searched sites for prescription discounts and found you. Your coupon said the prescription would cost us $46. I printed the coupon and we took it to Walgreens and held our breath. The pharmacist took the coupon entered the information and gave us the prescription for $46 plus tax. She gave us the coupon back and said we can us it as often as we like and if we did not have it the information is now on file we just need to tell them. We kept $150 thank you for your service!

Adam T., LowestMed User

So helpful!

Thank you! So helpful & easy to use, just show the card on your phone at the pharmacy- no pre-paying online before. They really have the cheapest prices for discount prescription apps.

Eleanor N., Android App User

Better than co-pays!

I’m a nurse practitioner, and I tell all my patients about this app whenever I prescribe anything other than the dirt cheap drugs. My own family even usually uses this instead of our insurance copay! Only downside is it doesn’t help meet the insurance deductible, but we typically don’t meet it anyway.

Deb S., Android App User


I have been paying triple the price for years that I found my RX for on this app. Cheapest price for my script I’ve ever seen and the coupon actually works!!! Thank you

Tiffany W., Android App User

Omg…wallet saver!!

Downloaded GoodRx and Blink Health … prices were around $500-600. Best on GoodRx was $388 at Walgreens….but thank god I forgot I downloaded this. Ended up getting the antibiotics for $195!!!! GoodRx had it at the same exact Walmart for $700!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Carin L., Android App User


Saved me $50 ($67 down to $17) on a prescription that isn’t covered by my insurance. Definitely worth the download!!

dymberbelle, iOS App User

Great cost saving tool.

This app saved us $120/month for one Rx.

James3999, iOS App User

I save on Insulin!

I was able to save $950 monthly by using LowestMed!

LIndsey86, iOS App User

Worked for Lisinopril at Walmart

Price went from $70 to $11.50. Provided a discount card.


Too good to be true!

I am delighted to be able to shop my meds. Although I have health insurance, there is not a prescription insurance. The difference is significant and really helps my budget. Thank you, thank you!

Periomary, iOS App User

Cheaper than GoodRx

Found my meds cheaper here than on GoodRx

Laura J., Android app user


Been using another free prescription program, but this one saved me money.

Christopher K., Android app user


I love this app! I was using GoodRx and found this was cheaper and better! I have saved so much money and also my family members who have insurance have. This app saved them $335 a month! Thank you LowestMed!

Chrisa S., Android app user

By far one of the best pharmacy discount apps!

Great savings & wide variety of products to choose from!

Casey T., Android app user

Cash only!?! Not anymore! Yippee!!

Started saving 5 minutes after downloading this app n the store! Saved $140! Thank you so much for making this app. If anyone reading this review, is like me, an has to pay their hard earned cash for their medications please download!! Its worth the 5 minutes of your time. Happy saving!

Sue H., Android app user

Great app…great savings

This app is worth using. I have several savings programs but this one offers the greatest savings.

Sherry C., iOS app user

Love it!

I always use GoodRX as my go to when insurance doesn’t cover but this one is already looking better!

Alicia W., Android app user

Great way to save

Love this app! Never knew how different each pharmacy was in prices. Especially for the exact same meds.

Drainfor, iOS app user

So easy to save money!

This app is so easy to use! I love how I can type in my prescription, click the pharmacy I want, and just show them the coupon to get a great price on my meds!

jblarsen, iOS app user

Extremely efficient user interface

Bigger discounts compared to GoodRx and other apps for my scrip. Extremely efficient user interface and solid, stable application..

Michael S., Android app user

Cheaper than using my health insurance

I have health insurance but they only cover up to a certain amount for my meds. This app let’s me get my $300+ prescription filled for about $29 to $45. Don’t know why I need to bother with health insurance when there’s an app like this.

Hazel B., Android app user

Believe the Savings!!!

I thought this was too good to be true but LowestMed saved me $600 on one of my prescriptions (about 1/3 the cost my employer health plan) and $250 on another (about 1/2 the cost). Their customer support is outstanding. I’m telling everyone about it.

rdejam42, iOS app user

Better than GoodRx

I love it. Having the coupon come up on the phone is really nice. Coupon prices seem better as well

heroqltevzw, Android app user


Saved 100.00……..saved 100.00. This is no joke!!!!! Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!!!

Tox A., Android app user

Worked awsome

Worked awesome easy to use saved me 25.00 more than goodrx app

Abby S., Android app user

Great app

Lowest Med is by far the best prescription discount app I have used. They have the cards that have the lowest prices for most prescriptions. When I contacted their customer service about a glitch in the website. Kassidy (Kass) took time to address my concerns, helped me by finding discount cards for my prescription, and sending me screenshots of them. I am a Health Advisor and have referred their app to my clients for several months, and I have not gotten any complaints for my referrals to Lowest Med.

Bainy smurf, iOS app user

Fantastic app and customer service.

This app saved me over $600 dollars in filling one of my prescriptions. Don’t go to the doctors office or your pharmacy without this app! When I ran into issues with my pharmacy at first, the rep from lowest app was prompt and extremely helpful in resolving the issue with the pharmacy in question. Thank you Kassidy! Very impressed with the personable and prompt service.

OnnaK, iOS app user

Best prices by far

Lowest prices in Atlanta by far much better than goodrx.

Tory A., Android App User

I cannot believe the savings!

I am saving more than $150 on the first prescription with LowestMed now that we are on my company’s HSA. It’s even less than I would have been paying with the copay on the PPO program. Thank you!!!

James G., Android App User

The Best In The RX Discount Category

Of the bunch of apps in this category it’s about the best for discounts.

Chris H., Android App User

Great alternative to GoodRx

Savings were lower then that of GoodRx plus I was told by Walgreens that they do not accept GoodRx due to current litigation between the two, so this is the way to go. Also if you need narcotics(Pain Meds) CVS will not accept discount cards on any narcotic drug.

Frank F., Android app user

Great Savings!

Great selection of pharmacies exceeded only by fantastic pricing! I’ve been able to save $’s and stay on lifesaving meds.

John T., app user


An elderly family member of ours lost their Medicare prescription coverage. This app has saved us tons of money on her prescriptions. Some prescriptions that were $65 we were only paying $12 for them. All because of this app. Definitely worth the download if you have a lot of medications for a family member that you have to pay cash with no insurance.

David S., app user


I just used it-not only was there no fuss, my $50 prescription was $16! Very happy camper right now!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks!!! Oh, and I shared the app info on FB, so my friend can try it too!!!!

Stacy R., app user

Big Savings – so easy to use!

Saves your searches so you can check best prices each time. So easy and convenient to shop for best prices, and then saves even more money!

BluesSuzy, app user

Love it!

“Love it! Heard about it on a news show and downloaded it. Wish I had known about it long ago. Sometimes my prescriptions aren’t covered by my insurance so this really helps. It saved me over $70 last month.”

Christina H.

So happy I found this app!

“So happy I found this app! Whenever I am prescribed a medication, I check the price of it on LowestMed. It’s so helpful being able to look up the prices and save money at pharmacies near me. Thank you LowestMed!”


The savings are real.

“Will use again and again. I will use this app every time me or a family member has a prescription. The savings are real. Thanks so much.”

Madeleine E.

I’m so excited about it and will tell my friends and family.

“I will save almost $80 on my prescription! I had a discount card before from the drug manufacturer that brought the cost down to $30 but your app has it for $10! I’m so excited about it and will tell my friends and family.”

Ellen M.

I was so excited this morning to get such a big discount for a med.

“I was so excited this morning to get such a big discount for a med, that I couldn’t wait to tell you thanks!!! The one we needed refilled immediately was priced at $137.99 (30 day supply) and with the LowestMed discount, it’s just $48.91!! I was so grateful to remember to use the LowestMed card! Thanks again for such a great discount!”


Even the pharmacist was shocked at the savings!

“I saved over $100 on 1 medication. I love LowestMed.com! I easily searched for my med and found the cheapest price at a local pharmacy. Took my phone in and showed the card that appeared on my phone. I saved over $100 on one medication! Even the pharmacist was shocked at the savings!”



“Great app, LowestMed, put in script and zip and it will give you lowest price on medications and discount card to purchase with lowest price, lifesaver.”

Sharon P.

Instant savings of $88 a month.

“I work at a University and we do not make much, so saving money is vital. I was not buying my prescription all the time because of the cost. But last week I took the LowestMed app to my pharmacy. The cost had been $150 a month but with LowestMed it is now only $62. That’s an instant savings of $88 a month. Now I can take it on a daily basis. I’m so pleased, just jumping for joy! Thank you so much for this amazing service. I’m telling all my work associates, family and friends. Have bragged about it to everyone at work since I got back from picking up my medicine. Love it!!!!! Have a wonderful day!”


My first time using the LowestMed app was an incredible success.

“My first time using the LowestMed app was an incredible success. I do not have insurance, so a medication I was prescribed would have cost me over $200 for a month supply, but instead was only $34. Another medication I took to another pharmacy, and I saved another $20.”

Christina G.

Literally LIFE SAVING!!!!!

“Literally LIFE SAVING!!!!! Huge discounts on life saving medications for my family…. Certain meds my family NEEDS to stay alive…. Juvenile Onset Type 1 Diabetes injectable insulin pens & blood glucose strips, etc…. Epipens for Anaphylaxis, meds to control seizures, heart meds, and more…. WONDERFUL resource to be able to afford these meds when you don’t have RX insurance”


Great app!!!

Great app!!! Great way to save $100’s. I heard about your APP thru the Today show. I googled to seek this and found your app. Needed Lovanox and Colonoscopy drink. Lovanox last time purchased was starting at $850 for 10 80mg – got them down to $260. This was 6 at 100mg for $111. The colon pre drink was $122; got Generic for $22. Great and I shared with friends!!”

Susan R.

This is a great free program

This is a great free program and phone app that helps you to find the best price at local stores and pharmacies in your area…This card took a prescription that I normally paid $95 for, down to only $26 – now that’s a Discount Fanatics Savings!

Latiahna N.

I will save almost $80 on my prescription!

I had a discount card before from the drug manufacturer that brought the cost down to $30 but your app has it for $10! I’m so excited about it and will tell my friends and family.

Ellen M.

I’m a believer

Fantastic App I was skeptical at first but after saving 40 bucks on a penicillin prescription I’m a believer. Legit app. Easy to use. Discounts are real.

Tad S.


My drug was $38 with my insurance then I showed the pharmacy the card on this app and got it for $8. Love to save!

Laura B.

Works like a charm

I can’t believe this has so few ratings. I consistently save money with this app as compared to my United Healthcare insurance coverage.

David K.


I didn’t think it would work but it does! Can’t hurt to try. Saved me $20 at target.

Jason B.

App worked great for me!

If the pharmacy doesn’t give you the price in the app, it is because you didn’t use the FREE discount card included in the app. GREAT APP!!


This is going to save me hundreds

It took a few seconds to use the app and I saved over $4.00 on a new med that I will be refilling every month for the rest of my life!!! This is going to save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars and takes almost no extra time at all to use!

Dustin D.

Saved us when we need it Thankful for this app.

Paul P.

Instant Savings

I used my cell phone to get LowestMed’s codes for my pharmacist and saved $50 instantly on my prescription drug.


I got my prescription for $20 a month lower than my insurance price using LowestMed.


*Actual user savings. Your savings results may vary.