Nearby pharmacy prices vary. Would you cross the street to save 50%?

What if we told you drug prices vary significantly across nearby pharmacy locations? Furthermore, would you believe it if we told you you could save 50% on your medication by simply crossing the street to another pharmacy? Well it’s true. This actually occurs for all drugs. We strongly recommend you search prices for your medication, using the search tool below, to see how costs can vary.

Try Searching Prices For The Medication You Fill

We researched the prices for 3 common statins, along with their generics, at 7 different pharmacy chains. It’s good practice to use our search tool, to compare prescription drug prices across nearby pharmacy locations, to be sure you’re maximizing your savings and not leaving money on the table.

Below are prices for 3 common statins at nearby pharmacy locations

(Disclaimer: This is just one example of what could be many. Prices and pharmacy results vary by location and also by which drug is searched. In this case, Kroger pharmacies had the best price for Atorvastatin. It is possible that Walgreens, or any other pharmacy, would have the lowest price for any other drug that is searched.)

Atorvastatin Calcium (Generic for Lipitor)

We first investigated the price for 30 tablets of 40mg Atorvastatin Calcium. By searching nearby pharmacy prices, we were able to find a price difference of $9.68 between pharmacies directly across the street from one another. This begs us to ask the question – would you cross the street to save 50%, or more, on your medication?

Cash Price: $35
Walgreens: $19.19
Kroger Pharmacy: $9.51

Rosuvastatin Calcium (Generic for Crestor)

Next, we investigated the price for 30 tablets of 20mg Rosuvastatin Calcium. What surprised us the most, was the savings we found compared to the cash price. Rosuvastatin Calcium’s cash price is $264, compared to the lowest price we found of $15.70. That’s a savings of $248.30 a fill! The lesson learned here? Never pay the cash price in situations like this.

Cash Price: $264
Rite Aid: $18.89
Kroger Pharmacy: $15.70

Simvastatin (Generic for Zocor)

The third drug we searched prices for was Simvastatin. This is another drug we found had a price difference of nearly $10 at pharmacies across the street from one another.

Cash Price: $42
Walgreen’s: $16.56
Kroger Pharmacy: $7.56

Here is a breakdown of cost for those 3 statins at 7 different pharmacies

In this case, it just so happened that Kroger had the lowest price for all three examples. The results for prices and pharmacies may vary by your location. We understand the relationship you have with your pharmacist and/or the convenience factor is key. We want to provide the pricing component to help you make an educated decision to ultimately save you money.

This 50% savings could even have the potential to be applied to higher priced drugs – it doesn’t just happen on lower cost medications – which is why it’s always important to compare nearby pharmacy prices before filling your prescriptions.

Bottom line

Saving money on your prescriptions could be as easy as crossing the street. Though this isn’t always the case, it illustrates the importance of comparing pharmacy prices with tools like LowestMed. The last thing you want to do is overpay for your prescriptions. We want to make sure you never do that, because when we say LowestMed, we mean it.