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Though LowestMed is not a mail order pharmacy, we do display discounted prices, so you can order prescription drugs online from a safe source. With this blog post, we will discuss the steps for completing an online medicine order, as well as ways to identify a safe online pharmacy.

Why using a safe mail order pharmacy is beneficial

For those who are short on time, online medication ordering can offer convenience. Often, people who use mail order pharmacies are prescribed maintenance drugs, like those that control blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you are prescribed a maintenance drug, the convenience an online pharmacy can offer could be beneficial. Make sure the price is right though!

Search Coupons for Nearby and Mail Order Pharmacies

Like stated before, LowestMed is not an online pharmacy, but we do offer discount mail order pharmacy prices. Our search tool only displays prices for safe mail order pharmacies.

Steps for completing an online medicine order

1. Search a drug, using LowestMed

2. Find a mail order pharmacy

3. Follow the link to one of our partnering online pharmacies

4. Follow the instructions on how to complete an online medicine order

There are a few things to look out for when finding a safe and legal online pharmacy.

How to find a safe online pharmacy

1. Make sure a valid prescription is required

2. The website is approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

3. The pharmacy is based in the United States

LowestMed only works with online pharmacies that meet the above criteria. It is important the online pharmacy meets these criteria. If they don’t, you may be put at risk for receiving expired or counterfeit medications.

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Reasons why using an online pharmacy may not be beneficial

Medications are prescribed for acute and chronic disease. Acute meaning temporary or one-time prescriptions, and chronic meaning you will most likely have this prescription for quite some time.

Acute medications are often better suited to be picked up at a nearby pharmacy, since most of these medications are for immediate use – think broken bones or antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Chronic medications, like those for diabetes or cardiovascular issues, may be better suited for you to purchase from a trusted online pharmacy. People generally purchase medications online for convenience’s sake.

Online pharmacies don’t always have the lowest price

If the legitimate online pharmacy you find doesn’t have the lowest price, you would probably want to fill your medication at a nearby pharmacy. The nice thing about the LowestMed search tool is that it conveniently displays prices side by side, so you can easily make your decision.

Bottom Line: always shop around for the best price for your medications

Though ordering your medicines from a safe online pharmacy may seem like the best way to save money on your medications, it may not be. By using LowestMed’s search tool, you can easily compare drug prices for nearby pharmacies, as well as online pharmacies, side by side. This allows you to find the lowest price for your medication.

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