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Human Resource Tools to Help Employees Better Afford Prescriptions

LowestMed is a prescription drug savings and price transparency tool. How can LowestMed benefit your employees and help the save on their prescription drug plans? Do they ever ask any of these questions regarding prescriptions?

Human Resource Tools to Help Employees Better Afford Prescriptions
“My asthma medication is no longer on the formulary list. What can I do now?”

“How much does amoxicillin cost?”

“I can’t afford my blood pressure prescription any more. Can you help?”

“Which pharmacy has the cheapest price for insulin?”

Would you know how to answer them? Now you can with the help of LowestMed. Simply tell your employees to use the website or free app to find the lowest prescription price in your local area. Then, they can generate the discount card associated with their Rx and save instantly at a pharmacy near them.

How employees on HDHPs can save money on medications
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What HR Professionals are Saying about LowestMed

“LowestMed is an incredible, free benefit we can provide to our team members that enhances their ability to navigate the prescription world. This promotes consumer driven healthcare – which is our overall goal as an organization to begin with, so offering this benefit is a win-win!”

– Stephanie, HR Benefits & Wellness Manager at HealthEquity

Download and Use these Open Enrollment Resources

employer-open-enrollment-ppt-buttonUse these slides in your open enrollment discussions.

Email this video to explain what LowestMed is to employees.

handout-for-open-enrollmentDistribute handouts at open enrollment meeting.

Employers & Employees WIN!

Employers WIN

  • No Cost & No Enrollment
  • Easy to Start at Any Time
  • Powerful Employee Engagement Tool
  • Decreases Amount Employees Spend on Rx

Employees WIN

  • By Saving on High Cost Specialty Drugs
  • By Saving on Non-Formulary Drugs
  • With High Deductible Health Plans
  • When LowestMed’s Price is Less than Insurance

LowestMed allows users to compare prescription prices and get discounts at local pharmacies across the nation. Please contact us for more information –