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Our Health Information Center covers a wide range of topics, ranging from how to shop around and save money on prescription drugs to basic disease and condition info. You can find relevant blog posts, by searching browsing the Health Information Center, or by picking topics in the right sidebar.

5 Dormant Diseases You Likely Have

Isn’t it scary that many of us have inactive viruses looming inside our bodies waiting to be awakened? This is known as “Virus Latency” or the ability for a virus to lie dormant within a cell. This is a phase in the life cycle of many viruses that we come...

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Wait, are warts contagious?

Warts have a curious history throughout the ages. According to the Scottish, a wart on the right hand foretold wealth, while a wart on the face meant that you were in for some troubles. There are as many folk remedies as there are folk tales, from using a...

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Can you get Athlete’s Foot on your Hands?

If you’ve ever spent time where your feet get exposed to other people’s foot water, whether it’s in a high school gym class or your local swimming pool, the possibility of catching athlete’s foot has probably crossed your mind. And if you’ve ever caught...

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How to Treat Lyme Disease

About 300,000 people in the United States each year are thought to contract Lyme disease. With such a common illness, learning how to avoid it is an important as knowing how to treat Lyme Disease. To do this, you should know about the disease-carrying...

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How much does a prescription cost?

It’s a question we find we’re all asking a lot lately – how much does a prescription cost? The answer? It varies. Prescription drug costs vary widely, mainly because there are so many brands and generics out there. That’s not the only reason though. We’ll...

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