First fill offers may get you a good Rx discount, but maybe not the best

We all want to find a good Rx discount, right? Well, lately more discount programs are offering first fill discounts for new users. This seems like a good deal, but we want to give you 3 things to consider before taking them up on their offer.

3 things to consider before using first fill prescription discount offers:

1. Yearlong savings

When making any decision, considering the long-term result is usually a good idea. With prescription discounts, the long-term savings are smart to consider, especially if you’ve been prescribed a maintenance drug.

What is a maintenance drug? Maintenance drugs are prescriptions that treat what are considered long-term conditions. Conditions like allergies, depression, asthma and antipsychotics, among many others, often require the use of maintenance drugs.

The drug Aripiprazole, which helps to treat bi-polar disorder and is the generic alternative for Abilify, can be used as an example of getting yearlong savings.

As you can see below, by finding the lowest initial price on your prescription, you could find nice savings. Though these may be good Rx discounts, this evidence is proof for why it’s so important to shop around and find the overall lowest price for your prescription. By using LowestMed for your prescription discounts, you can find the lowest price for Aripiprazole, even though the other sources offer an additional $5 off the first fill.

 Aripiprazole Prices for 30 tablets of 5mg

Monthly Price: $81.50
Yearly Price: $978

Discount Program #1
First Time Fill Price: $78.50
Ongoing Monthly Price: $83.50
Yearly Price w/ $5 discount: $997

Discount Program #2
First Time Fill Price: $90.21
Ongoing Monthly Price: $95.21
Yearly Price w/ $5 discount: $1,137.52

2. Use the first fill offer for a good Rx price, then head to another program for the best savings

This step requires a little more work, but if you’ve already compared the prices of multiple programs, it should be no problem. For example, if you use Discount Program #1 to fill Aripiprazole, then use LowestMed to fill the rest of the year, you’ll have saved yourself $3 more than if you just used LowestMed. All the extra work may get you a good Rx discount, but it may not be beneficial. If you’re looking to maximize savings though, this is great way to go.

3. The overall price for a prescription discount may be lower through once specific program

It’s common sense, but don’t you want to always pay the lowest price for your medication? We thought so, which is why it is so important to compare drug prices is key. By taking the extra step to search LowestMed’s prescription discounts alongside your insurance or other discount programs, you’ll be able to take your good Rx discount and turn it into a great one.

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Bottom Line

If you play your cards right, a first time fill promotion can help you maximize prescription discount savings. By using a first fill promotion, then switching to a discount program with a lower price, you’ll be able to save even more money on your prescription.

If the few more dollars in savings a year isn’t worth transitioning to different prescription discount programs, you may want to find the lowest priced one and stick with it.