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You’ve undoubtedly seen advertisements for Naloxone on billboards, online and in your favorite publications. So what is it? It is a prescription treatment that blocks or reverses the effects of narcotic (opioid) medications. It is used in emergency situations to treat opioid overdose.

The drug (Naloxone HCL) is administered through a number of products – Narcan nasal spray, Evzio’s auto-injector and Naloxone HCL, which is administered through a syringe.

Out of the three options, which is best?

The question of which is best for you or your loved one, most often can be answered by which is the most affordable and how you want the treatment administered. Since the three products all include Naloxone HCL, let’s talk about the key differences in price and how they are administered. Hopefully this information can help make your decision more clear on which is best for you.

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How does Naloxone work?

Naloxone HCL is administered through a syringe. Many kits come with a syringe and vial or a pre-filled cartridge. It is injected into the muscle of the upper thigh or upper arm. The shot can be administered through clothes.
The lowest cost for Naloxone HCL is $19.23 for one 0.4 MG/ML syringe.

How does Evzio work?

Evzio is a ready-to-use device that administers Naloxone HCL through an auto-injector placed on the patient’s thigh. Evzio’s auto-injector helps patients avoid accidental needle sticks, thanks to its administration being performed through a retractable needle. The cartridge also comes equipped with a voice recording that explains, step by step, how to use the device.
The lowest cost for one Evzio auto-injector is $1,863.25.

How does Narcan work?

Narcan is nasal spray that administers Naloxone, through a mist, to opioid overdose patients. It is the most recent FDA approved Naloxone product.
The lowest cost for a two-pack of Narcan nasal sprays is $132.20.

Do these require a prescription?

Yes, you need a prescription for all forms. In some states, legislation has been passed for overarching prescriptions to be written for all residents of the respective state. To learn more about your state’s legislation, use this search tool provided by LawAtlas.

Both CVS and Walgreens have said they will sell Naloxone, without a prescription, in certain states. Learn more about which states you can get it in without a prescription for CVS here and for Walgreens here.

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