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Are you finding your employees are concerned about

Skyrocketing specialty drug costs?

More drugs being excluded from the plan formulary?

Employees struggling with rising out-of-pocket costs?

Don’t let high Rx costs create barriers for employee on high deductible health plans

Learn more about how Rx Saver works for your employees

You can even include this video in your open enrollment presentation

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The 4 ways prescription discount services benefit everybody!

Think Insurance Always Offers the Lowest Rx Prices? You May Be Wrong.

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Give your groups the hottest prescription price comparison tool available at no cost to you, your groups or their employees.
Rx Saver has some of the lowest Rx prices available to consumers. We pull prices from several discount sources to find the lowest prices and get immediate discounts at nearby pharmacies for your client members.

What Brokers are Saying about Rx Saver

“Diversified Insurance group has worked with LowestMed for a few years now.  It has been great to have an additional option for not only our clients, but for our employees, for cost savings on RX.  In addition it is a great tool to show us where the $4.00 pharmacy options are.  Not infrequently, it is cheaper to use LowestMed than our insurance card.  Keep up the good work LowestMed!”
– Jeana H., Diversified Insurance Group

*Formerly known as Lowestmed