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Improve Medication Adherence

42% of patients can’t afford their medications

LowestMed’s website and free app helps patients afford their medications by comparing prices at local pharmacies and getting immediate discounts. Insurance plans often exclude drugs or inflate prices. We cover all FDA approved drugs and our Rx prices are often less than insurance. Now, you and your staff can help patients be more compliant by knowing exactly where to go to get the best prices for their medications. It easy, convenient and free!

Improve Medication Adherence and Request Free Patient Education Material

medication adherence

“I was unaware of the high variability of costs between pharmacies. Having a resource that allows you to check those prices quickly is a huge advantage.”

– Dr. Gregory Hicken, MD

After requesting the free patient education material, you will receive the following within 10 days :

100 LowestMed Discount Cards

The discount cards enable your patients to get immediate discounts at local pharmacies. Additional cards available upon request.

1 Counter Top Display Stand

The display stand details LowestMed’s savings programs and explains LowestMed’s Free Apps. The free apps and website give your patients and staff drug pricing data at their fingertips.

LowestMed allows users to compare prescription prices and get discounts at local pharmacies across the nation. Presently, we cannot display discount coupons for residents in Louisiana. Regulatory approval to serve you is pending and should be completed soon. Please contact us for more information –