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If you don’t already know, medication costs vary significantly by pharmacy location, which is why you should always compare drug prices! According to a recent study, conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), it was confirmed that the retail prices for generic drugs, treating heart failure (among others), vary significantly from pharmacy to pharmacy.

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The AMA researched pharmacy prices for Digoxin, Lisinopril and Carvedilol. Through their research, it was found that pharmacy prices for Lisinopril ranged from $3 to $80.59, Digoxin varied from $12.19 to $94.99 and Carvedilol saw prices from $4 to $135.99.

Always shop around and compare drug prices when filling prescriptions.

Shopping around for your prescriptions is important and LowestMed can help you compare drug prices. We found the same dosage of Lisinopril and Carvedilol for $4 at Walmart, and you can get the same dosage of Digoxin for $12.29 at Target. Keep in mind that LowestMed’s prices do not require a membership, unlike some of the pharmacy prices discovered by the AMA.

By using LowestMed, you don’t risk leaving money on the table, because you visited the wrong pharmacy with a higher price than you should have paid. LowestMed will help you always find the lowest priced pharmacy for your medication.

AMA’s research found that 7.3 million Americans with cardiovascular disease are uninsured. What makes this even more concerning is that generic drug costs are increasing and members of this group are often restricted to retail pharmacies within a limited geographical area. Again, if these consumers are using tools like LowestMed, there is no reason they should have to pay more than necessary.

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You can read more of the AMA’s study here. You can also compare drug prices for other medications by plugging them into the search tool below.