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6 Reasons To Avoid Ordering Rx Drugs Online From A Canadian Pharmacy

Is it safe to by prescriptions from Canadian pharmacy?

Ordering medications online from a Canadian pharmacy may be attractive, since prices can be much lower than from pharmacies in the United States. Though this may be the case, it’s not always safe to order prescriptions online from across the border or overseas.

With this blog post, we’ll explain why ordering prescription drugs online from a Canadian pharmacy, or from overseas, may not be a good idea.

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1. The FDA doesn’t approve drugs purchased outside the United States

If a prescription drug is legal in Canada then why is it illegal in the United States? The least complicated answer is that the FDA doesn’t track where Canadian prescriptions are manufactured. This makes it so they can’t monitor the facilities making the medications. It is for this reason why it is illegal to import medications not only from Canadian pharmacies, but also from any overseas pharmacy.

2. There is no such thing as an FDA approved Canadian pharmacy

Simple as that – there is no such thing as and FDA approved Canadian pharmacy. Furthermore, the FDA has no jurisdiction in Canada. That being the case, the FDA’s counterpart, Health Canada, monitors Canada in the same way the FDA monitors the United States.

3. Imported medications may not maintain proper effectiveness

Since the FDA doesn’t monitor Canadian pharmacies, or those found overseas, the medications they sell may not maintain proper effectiveness. Not all prescriptions in Canada are at risk for this. If you are dealing with a fraudulent Canadian pharmacy website, you could receive medications that include dangerous ingredients, or could be the wrong medication altogether.

Learn more about the FDA’s stance on personally importing prescription drugs.

4. The online Canadian pharmacy website may not be legitimate

Fraudulent websites can be really clever at making their company seem legitimate. With a surge in interest for Canadian prescriptions, an influx in websites selling Canadian drugs has increased. Rather, we recommend ordering prescriptions from US-based websites that are approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

5. Your personal information may not be protected

With any website that sells a product, there is always concern over the protection of your personal information. If you deal with a website claiming to sell prescriptions from Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, or any other country, be careful. These websites may not be legitimate.

6. You might receive the wrong medication

Since it’s tough to know if the online Canadian pharmacy you are using is legitimate or not, the concern for if you are receiving the correct medication is there also. Using a pharmacy that isn’t approved by the FDA, could put you at risk for receiving counterfeit prescriptions. Counterfeit medications can contain dangerous ingredients. You may also get sent the wrong medication altogether.

How to ensure the online pharmacy you use is legit

There are plenty of legit online pharmacies out there. We actually list prices for one called HealthWarehouse, that is NABP approved.

If you are questioning an online pharmacy, be sure it is based in the United States and that they’re approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Since the organization only works with pharmacies based in the United States, this can be helpful when finding a safe online pharmacy. NABP puts those accredited through a lengthy screening process, in order to ensure they are legitimate and safe to use. Though you can’t order you prescriptions through LowestMed, the company is approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

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