Allergy Treatments and Tips for How to Better Afford Your Rx | LowestMed

It’s no secret that allergy treatments can be pricey. Allergies can also be a serious hassle in the lives of those affected by them, especially in the summer months, when we are spending more time outside. About 50 million people in the United States suffer from allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Allergic disease, which includes asthma, is the fifth leading chronic disease among all ages in the United States.

Nearly $18 billion is spent each year on the treatment of nasal allergies and Americans make about 16 million trips to the doctor for allergy treatment.

For allergy treatment, it can be difficult to know when an over-the-counter medicine is needed, as opposed to one prescribed by your doctor. Consult your physician to find out which option works best for you. The AAFA provides a list for a number of different allergy treatments. We’ve posted them below for your convenience, but you can visit the AAFA’s website for more in-depth information.

Common types of medicine for allergy treatment

  • Nasal corticosteroids are nasal sprays. They reduce swelling, which can cause a stuffy, runny and itchy nose. They are the most effective medicines for nasal allergies
  • Antihistamines block histamine, a trigger of allergic swelling. They can calm sneezing, itching, runny nose and hives. The medicine comes in pills, liquids, melting tablets or nose sprays. These treat seasonal and indoor allergies
  • Mast cell stabilizers keep your body from releasing histamine. This can help with itchy, watery eyes or an itchy, runny nose. They are available as eye drops or nose sprays
  • Decongestants reduce stuffiness by shrinking swollen membranes in the nose. But be careful. Using these sprays more than three days in a row may cause the swelling and stuffiness in your nose to get worse. This can happen even after you stop using the medicine. This reaction is a rebound reaction

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Drug prices vary by pharmacy location and also by which discount source is used

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