Awesome ways you can easily hit these 3 resolutions

New year, new you … right? Well, let’s discuss how LowestMed can help you fulfill some of the New Year’s Resolutions you’ve set. We want to help you meet those goals!

Let’s get started by talking about the 3 major goals that individuals tend to make at the start of a new year.

The 3 Goals We’ll Discuss

  1. Manage your Finances
  2. Be More Organized
  3. Lose Weight

You may be wondering how we can help, so let’s get started.

1. Manage your Finances

Saving more money, spending less and improving your shopping habits are all ways you can improve your finances in 2017. If you have medications, LowestMed is a great way to improve your shopping habits, while spending less on prescription.

Prescription drug prices vary by pharmacy location, so shopping around for medications is the key to spending less for your treatment. LowestMed sorts drug prices by pharmacy location, enabling you to pay the lowest price for your prescriptions. Spend less and save more money by shopping around!

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2. Be More Organized

Being more organized can reduce stress and help you achieve more in less time. Start with something easy, like organizing your medicine cabinet. By organizing your medicines by condition, you’ll be able to find needed treatment easier if you become ill.

Another helpful tip is to create a folder within your phone’s photo album for medical receipts. Having easy access to your medical expense history can help you apply receipts to your deductible in a more timely manner.

3. Lose Weight

Often, common weight loss meds assist those in need of shedding those pesky extra pounds. The only problem? Many, if not all, weight loss meds are not covered by insurance. Since services like LowestMed don’t have any formulary exclusions, you can often use them to find a discount on these drugs, making weight loss goals more achievable.

You can learn more about how to save money on weight loss meds, like Phentermine, here.

Here are some common weight loss meds


Consult a physician if you feel weight loss meds are right for you.

If don’t feel prescription assisted weight loss is for you, here is a nice article on comparing the best weight loss programs.

The Bottom Line

To achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, it’s important you surround yourself with a good support system. Finding the best tools and having the right attitude can help you achieve the goals you are striving for. Happy New Year!