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LowestMed searches several of the nation’s lowest pharmacy discount sources to find the discount cards, coupons and Rx assistance programs that save you money!

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It’s flu shot season – learn side effects and discover ways to save

Welcome to flu shot season – that special time of year when Americans get flu shots and try their darndest to avoid the flu. We can hear your excitement! Before you get a flu shot, it’s helpful to understand the duration of flu season, when to get a flu shot, who...
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Blood thinners: what are your options?

In the United States, nearly 2 to 3 million individuals are prescribed blood thinners each year. Blood thinning medication usage varies from one person to the other, but there is a prime reason why people use these medications – they save lives. Nevertheless, as...
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Rx discount sources: know how to find the best one possible

Not all discount cards, coupons and apps are created equal. So how do you know the one you are using is legit and is offering you the lowest price? With this blog post, we will explore how to tell if the Rx discount source you are using is the best, as well as discuss...
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Health care choices: be a consumer this open enrollment

This is a guest post provided by our friends at National Benefit Services (NBS). Most Americans don’t think about making health care purchasing decisions in the same way that they think about other big-ticket items like a new TV or car. In fact, a recent study by...
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EpiPen prices: what we learned from Mylan’s visit to Congress

This past week EpiPen maker, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, visited the U.S. House Oversight Committee to discuss price increases of the Epinephrine auto injector they manufacture. The committee called the session to order, after recent public outcry over EpiPen’s dramatic...
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Open enrollment 2017: which benefit will cost you more this year

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes, college football games, falling orange and red leaves, and open enrollment. If you haven’t already attended your company’s open enrollment, there’s a good chance you will over the next few months. Hello, open enrollment 2017!...
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HSA tips: how to maximize and grow your health savings account

By now, the term Health Savings Account (HSA) is probably something you’ve become familiar with. If not, an HSA is like a personal savings account, but the money saved is tax-free and used to pay healthcare expenses. Anyone can start an HSA and they generally link to...
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EpiPen is not alone – Lantus and other insulin top the price charts

The increase of EpiPen prices has dominated the media for the past two weeks, but there’s another pricey injectable lifesaving prescription drug that nobody is talking about and is used by millions of Americans every day – insulin. Insulin is a drug that is used every...
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Epinephrine & Adrenaclick – EpiPen alternatives nobody is talking about

Epinephrine and Adrenaclick – these are the lifesaving drug injectors being overlooked as more light is shed on the high cost of EpiPens. More and more stories are being told about EpiPen’s unaffordability. Individuals are taking dangerous steps, like using...
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Insurance formulary: did your drug’s coverage get dropped?

Every year, around this time, insurance companies announce the drugs to be removed from their formulary lists for the upcoming year. Well, this year’s no different – Express Scripts and Caremark, two of the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), which are...
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“I always assumed my insurance was
giving me the lowest price. I was wrong!”

Brian Maass

CBS News Investigative Reporter

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Use the search tool above! We will show you the prescription discount card or coupon that finds the lowest price for your specific medication and pharmacy. The good news is, it never expires and you can use it again and again.
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“Love it! Heard about it on a news show and downloaded it. Wish I had known about it long ago. Sometimes my prescriptions aren’t covered by my insurance, so this really helps. It saved me over $70 last month.”

Christina H.

“So happy I found this app! Whenever I am prescribed a medication, I check the price of it on LowestMed. It’s so helpful being able to look up the prices and save money at Pharmacies near me. Thank you, LowestMed!”


“Will use again and again. I will use this app every time me or a family member has a prescription. The savings are real. Thanks so much.”

Madeleine E.

“I will save almost $80 on my prescription! I had a discount card before, from the drug manufacturer, that brought the cost down to $30, but your app has it for $10! I’m so excited about it and will tell all my friends and family.”

Ellen M.

“I saved over $100 on one medication! I love! I easily searched for my med and found the cheapest price at a local pharmacy. I took my phone in and showed the discount codes, that appeared on my phone, to the pharmacist. Even the pharmacist was shocked by the saving!”


“My first time using the LowestMed app was an incredible success. I do not have insurance, so a medication I was prescribed would have cost me over $200 for a month supply, but instead, it was only $34. Another medication I took to another pharmacy and saved another $20.”

Christina G.

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