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LowestMed searches several of the nation’s lowest pharmacy discount sources to find the discount cards, coupons and Rx assistance programs that save you money!

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First fill offers may get you a good Rx discount, but maybe not the best

We all want to find a good Rx discount, right? Well, lately more discount programs are offering first fill discounts for new users. This seems like a good deal, but we want to give you 3 things to consider before taking them up on their offer. 3 things to consider...
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A top insurer just dropped its EpiPen coverage. Now what?

Not so fast! You may be seeing EpiPen headlines like this all over news websites right now and you’re starting to freak out. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. Yes it’s true, one of the nation’s top insurers, Cigna, announced it is dropping coverage for the...
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Common antibiotics and how to make them more affordable

Common antibiotics are often used to treat a variety of infections from acne to bronchitis. Though you may think being prescribed an antibiotic for sore throats, coughs, colds or even the flu, will help you fight your illness, this is a common misconception. You may...
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Awesome ways you can easily hit these 3 resolutions

New year, new you … right? Well, let’s discuss how LowestMed can help you fulfill some of the New Year’s Resolutions you’ve set. We want to help you meet those goals! Let’s get started by talking about the 3 major goals that individuals tend to make at the start of a...
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The top stories of 2016 that were related to prescription drugs

The top stories of 2016, related to prescription drugs, were pretty memorable. We saw everything from big pharma executives being questioned by Congress, to major drugs coming off patent. Let’s explore the top stories of 2016, from the prescription drug industry. Top...
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The EpiPen generic is finally available at pharmacy counters

An Epipen generic has finally been made available to consumers, after months of public criticism regarding EpiPen’s dramatic year over year price increase. Last week, Mylan announced that a generic for EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. 2-Pak, called the Epinephrine Injection, USP...
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New study finds that statins may reduce Alzheimer disease risk

A new study released by JAMA Neurol, the neurological arm of the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that statins may reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease in patients. The study found that a reduction in Alzheimer disease risk varied across statin...
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MUST KNOW: Compare drug prices, they vary by pharmacy location!

If you don’t already know, medication costs vary significantly by pharmacy location, which is why you should always compare drug prices! According to a recent study, conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), it was confirmed that the retail prices for...
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LowestMed Rx Coupons vs Manufacturer Coupons

There’s been a lot of news lately surrounding manufacturer discount coupons and how they allow drugmakers to hike up the prices of the medicines they make. We want to clarify the difference between manufacturer coupons and LowestMed Rx coupons. You see, manufacturer...
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The 3 things making 2017’s healthcare costs concerning

With 2017 right around the corner, concerns for healthcare costs are starting to rise. Whether your coverage is through your employer’s group plan, Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB), Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Medicare, you’re probably starting to think...
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“I always assumed my insurance was
giving me the lowest price. I was wrong!”

Brian Maass

CBS News Investigative Reporter

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Which Prescription Discount Card is Best?

Use the search tool above! We will show you the prescription discount card or coupon that finds the lowest price for your specific medication and pharmacy. The good news is, it never expires and you can use it again and again.
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“Love it! Heard about it on a news show and downloaded it. Wish I had known about it long ago. Sometimes my prescriptions aren’t covered by my insurance, so this really helps. It saved me over $70 last month.”

Christina H.

“So happy I found this app! Whenever I am prescribed a medication, I check the price of it on LowestMed. It’s so helpful being able to look up the prices and save money at Pharmacies near me. Thank you, LowestMed!”


“Will use again and again. I will use this app every time me or a family member has a prescription. The savings are real. Thanks so much.”

Madeleine E.

“I will save almost $80 on my prescription! I had a discount card before, from the drug manufacturer, that brought the cost down to $30, but your app has it for $10! I’m so excited about it and will tell all my friends and family.”

Ellen M.

“I saved over $100 on one medication! I love! I easily searched for my med and found the cheapest price at a local pharmacy. I took my phone in and showed the discount codes, that appeared on my phone, to the pharmacist. Even the pharmacist was shocked by the saving!”


“My first time using the LowestMed app was an incredible success. I do not have insurance, so a medication I was prescribed would have cost me over $200 for a month supply, but instead, it was only $34. Another medication I took to another pharmacy and saved another $20.”

Christina G.

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