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8 Questions Answered To Help You Better Understand Mental Health

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve decided to answer some of the most important questions regarding mental illness, in an effort to better educate people and end the negative stigma that often surrounds mental illness Question: How prevalent...
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With summer nearly here, we’re beginning to find ourselves in the outdoors more. One common worry that goes along with spending time outdoors is the risk of getting Lyme disease. Let’s discuss Lyme diseases treatments, prevention and causes. What is Lyme Disease? Lyme...
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Prescriptions made to order by compounding pharmacists at Rx Unlimited

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Strattera side effects, patent information and prices

With the pediatric exclusivity patent for Strattera expiring on May 26, 2017, we thought we’d dive into what Strattera is and ways to save money on your prescription for. What is Strattera Strattera belongs to the group of medicines called selective norepinephrine...
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Top 100 drugs filled by consumers in 2016 – insurance vs discount coupons

Prescription drugs not only vary by pharmacy, but the also differ by which insurance or discount service is used. Drug prices filled using insurance can be vastly different than those filled using Rx coupons. To further explore the difference LowestMed compiled and...
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Vytorin generic options and patent information

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The 7 questions you need answered about seasonal allergies

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5 conditions you didn’t know Botox could treat

When we think Botox, we usually think of the wonders (or lack of wonders) it works on the likes of celebrities, by removing wrinkles and making people look younger. But there is more to Botox than meets the eye. Its ability to treat severe medical conditions is often...
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“I always assumed my insurance was
giving me the lowest price. I was wrong!”

Brian Maass

CBS News Investigative Reporter

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