LowestMed Sponsor Code

Enter Sponsor Code provided by your employer or the organization sponsoring your LowestMed program. If you don't have one, click the "I don't have a Sponsor Code" link below.

Print your discount card!

Print this page. Cut out this card and present it at each pharmacy visit.

How to use your card

Using the LowestMed Discount Card can save you money every time you purchase a prescription. The LowestMed discount card can be used in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. Even if you have another insurance card, you may be able to get a better price using LowestMed, so always show it when purchasing a prescription.

LowestMed is a Discount Program. This is not Insurance.

Whenever you purchase a prescription using the LowestMed discount card, you are responsible for any payment to the pharmacy after the discount is applied at the time of service.

Note: Pharmacies do not quote insurance prices over the phone.